Popular Home Loan Options

Variable or flexible rate home loans

A standard variable rate home loan has a fluctuating rate. This generally moves up and down in line with changes to the economy.

Fixed Interest Rate Home Loans

A fixed rate mortgage gives you the security of knowing your minimum mortgage repayments and won’t alter for the term of the fixed rate period.

Split Home Loans

A split home loan helps you take advantage of the best aspects of fixed and variable rate home loans.

Interest Only home loans

Interest only home loans are mortgage loans in which you only pay the interest due on the mortgage each month, for a fixed term.

Professional Package loans

Professional packages aren’t just for professionals or high income earners, they offer additional benefits from the lender.

No Frills home loans

A ‘no frills’ home loan, a low interest or basic home loan has the lowest associated running costs because it simply has fewer bells and whistles.

Specialist Home Loan Options

Building or construction loans

Construction loans consist of a set of payments for the different stages of the build until your house is complete.

Debt Consolidation loans

If you have multiple debts, especially credit cards or personal loans, it may be wise to consolidate them into one loan with a lower interest rate.

Low Deposit or Guarantor home loans

Getting into the property market when you only have a small deposit can be difficult. Low deposit and Guarantor home loans may be an option.

Home Equity loans

If you’ve paid off a significant amount of your home loan, a home equity home loan could unlock a range of new opportunities. 

Bridging home loans

You’ve found the perfect new home but you’ll need to sell your existing home first, there is a solution known as a bridging loan.

Credit impaired Home loans

What if you don’t meet the lending criteria of your local bank? A non-conforming home loan might just be the solution. 

Home Improvement Loans

Renovating your home can be an excellent way to increase its overall value and give your home a new, fresh look. 

Low Doc home loans

Not everyone meets the lenders’ “standard” criteria, but that doesn’t mean they’re unable to get a home loan. 

Business Loans

If you’re looking to expand your company or buy a competitor or purchase new premises, a business loan could be the solution.

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